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We Specialize in Front End Repair

We Specialize in Front End Repair

Need a front end repair? We are the place to call! Flanders Brake and Alignment specializes in front-end assembly work. On a vehicle, this primarily consists of the steering and the suspension. So if you're having trouble with how your car drives or how comfortable it feels while driving, it's possible you may need a front-end service. Our qualified technicians can diagnose any issues you're experiencing and pinpoint what repairs are necessary. What parts make up the front end on a car? Depending on your vehicle, the front end assembly may include: Rack-and-Pinion: Assists with turning your front wheel Tie Rod Ends: Transmit force from the steering rack to the wheels Idler Arms: Assists with pivoting and steering on the passenger side Pitman Arms: Assists with turning the wheels; may cause drifting if loose Ball Joints: Connect the wheels to the steering ... read more

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