Reasons Why You Should NOT Keep Your Winter Tires On in Warm Seasons

Updated: May 20

Spring is here and it's time to swap out those snow tires. Here are some reasons why you should always change your winter tires when the weather begins to get warmer.

Snow Tires Wear Faster in Warm Weather

Snow tires aka winter tires are made of a different rubber compound to help you get maximum grip in snowy and icy conditions. Heat is harsh on your winter tires which are meant for temperatures 45 degrees Fahrenheit and below. Snow tires that are used in warm weather tend to wear out much faster.

It Will Not Save You Money But Loose you $$

If you have already spent your money and invested in a handy set of snow tires then changing them out with all-season or summer tires can be more helpful to your wallet. This will not only save your winter tires but extending their lifetime but also it can save you at the gas pump.

To put it simply, winter and all-season tires are not made of the same rubber compound because they are created to do 2 different jobs. Because snow tires are composed of a softer compound they wear down much faster on a warm pavement road then an all-season tire.

Compared to all-season tires winter tires have a higher rolling resistance which can cost you at the gas pump.

Traction and Handling Issues

In warm weather, a snow tire can not provide you with the same handling capabilities as an all-season tire. Winter tires are softer and squishier which make it easier to move in the snow but harder to move on warm pavement, this means you can not maneuver as quickly.

The Solution

Swapping your tires is the simple solution. You can make your way to a reputable and reliable automotive care place and have your all-season tires mounted and installed in no time at all. Come visit us at Flanders Brake & Alignment where we can help with all your automotive needs.

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